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Tuesday we visited the construction job site to see the progress being made on the new Conservation & Exhibition Services laboratory spaces. The framing for many of the walls is in place, which makes it possible to picture the labs as they will be in 2015.


View of functional areas for wet treatment, solvent use, and technical study and examination (from the front door hallway


main treatment space

View of main treatment workspace where the book conservator and technician benches will be located.



Inside the exhibits production and custom housing space. This corner show where the exhibits production coordinator’s office space will be located, along with her student assistants


Back door and hallway leading to exhibits/housing (doorway on right).

Back door and hallway leading to exhibits/housing (doorway on right). Exhibits will open into the main treatment space to allow for easy and frequent collaboration with conservators and technicians


View through the lab’s back entrance, showing the locations of the supply storage room and the dirty room, where particularly messy tasks can be done without introducing debris or dust into the primary workspace.